Resolution Sanctuary Status for Undocumented Immigrants in Brookline, MA


See full text: TownMeeting-Warrant-111406_201407011408347932

“RESOLUTION Reaffirming Sanctuary Status for Undocumented Immigrants:”
“WHEREAS: The Town of Brookline has been built and enriched by generations of”
“immigrants, and has a proud history since November, 1985, as a Sanctuary for refugees from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Haiti;”
“WHEREAS: There are now approximately 12 million undocumented immigrants in the USA who have been systematically denied the opportunity enjoyed by past generations of immigrants to become legal permanent residents or citizens of this country; over the past two decades, immigration policy has become even more restrictive and punitive and closed off avenues previously available for immigrants to obtain legal permanent residency, while the US-Mexico border has been further militarized;”
“WHEREAS: While borders have been closed off to people over the past two decades, they have been simultaneously opened up to trade and capital; these same “free trade” economic policies have increased poverty and decreased opportunities for people to make a dignified living and support their families;”
“WHEREAS: In 2005, record numbers of migrants seeking to support their families, with no means to migrate safely into the USA, perished in the desert along the US- Mexico border, while countless others died in the journey; and the migration experience has adverse emotional and psychological effects on families, kept apart for many years due to unjust immigration policies and backlogs in visa applications; and undocumented immigrants are especially vulnerable to workplace abuses and housing discrimination;”
“WHEREAS: Current US immigration policy does not reflect the standards of Brookline residents regarding what is just, humane and moral; and both undocumented and”

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