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  • June 16, 2016 at 10:21 am

    Dear Alexandra Rengel. I have a problem and I need you help. My situation is the following: I am a spanish girl who came to EEUU with a visa Q1 in January through an International Program. My contract is over so my visa expires at the end of June. I have found another job, another school that wants to hire me so I would need a J1 VISA but the Sponsor agency say that they can not sponsor me because I would have to stay out of the country for two years. I have not find anything in the law that it was like that in my case. It is true If I wanted to repet withing the Q1 program I should go away for one year but it is not my situation because what I want is to get a J1 VISA. And If I had been in the JProgram I would have be outside the country for two years, but it is not my situation yet because I have never had a Jvisa before. Please if you could help me I would be really thankful


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